Origins of the Ballets Russes – Ep.11 Play in new window | DownloadIda Rubinstein didn’t die at the height of her fame but instead faded away into obscurity. Despite that ending, she was instrumental to the creation of the Ballets Russes and inspired both painters and writers. Sources (Used/Consulted/Read Along the Way) Dancing in the Vortex: The Story of Ida RubinsteinContinue reading “Origins of the Ballets Russes – Ep.11”

The Amazon – Ep. 10 Play in new window | DownloadOnce again, we take a look at Natalie Barney, but this time, we’re digging into some major works of her life. We’re looking at how she got her nickname, her Académie des Femmes, and some of her major works to support other writers. Sources (Used/Consulted/Read Along the Way) WildContinue reading “The Amazon – Ep. 10”

Silverpoint Art and Military Service – Ep.9 Play in new window | DownloadThelma Wood is known for her affair with the writer Djuna Barnes, which spawned the modernist masterpiece Nightwood. Nadine Huong is another side character and lover of Natalie Barney, despite her own adventures like service in the Chinese Army. Sources (Used/Read/Consulted Along the Way) Djuna: The Life and WorkContinue reading “Silverpoint Art and Military Service – Ep.9”

Greatest Woman Modernist Writer – Ep. 8 Play in new window | DownloadDjuna Barnes is renowned for her modernist masterpiece, Nightwood, despite the confusion it has caused for decades. It’s safe to say her worries of being sidelined as a writer never came to pass, even with Stein only commenting on her legs. Sources (Used/Read/Consulted Along the Way) Djuna: The LifeContinue reading “Greatest Woman Modernist Writer – Ep. 8”

Inspiration behind Well of Loneliness – Ep. 7 Play in new window | DownloadToupie Lowther is a side character in others’ sagas, including Radcylffe Hall’s the Well of Loneliness, but she was also international sports star and WWI ambulance driver. Sources (Used/Consulted/Read Along the Way) Toupie Lowther: Her Life by Val Brown Truly Wilde by Joan Schenkar Wild Girls: Sappho, Paris, andContinue reading “Inspiration behind Well of Loneliness – Ep. 7”

A Wilde One – Ep.6 Play in new window | DownloadDolly Wilde is known primarily for being Oscar Wilde’s niece and Natalie Barney’s lover, but she had an interesting life outside of that on her own. Sources (Used/Consulted/Read Along the Way) Truly Wilde by Joan Schenkar Wild Heart: A Life by Suzanne Rodriguez Romaine Brooks: A Life by CassandraContinue reading “A Wilde One – Ep.6”

Muse of Violets – Ep.5 Play in new window | DownloadRenee Vivien is a Belle Époque poet known for her poetry, short stories, tragic death, and affair with Natalie Barney that continues to be the talk/judgement of the internet. Sources (Used/Consulted/Read Along the Way) Renee Vivien by Andre Germain The Amazon and the Page by Karla Jay Wild Heart:Continue reading “Muse of Violets – Ep.5”

Socialite Gone Greek – Ep. 4 Play in new window | DownloadEva Palmer became a footnote to others’ stories despite her projects with ancient Greek culture and the Delphic Festival. She is the first love of Natalie Barney, a muse to Renee Vivien in A Woman Appeared to Me, and that magnificent redhead who preformed a Pierre Louys work withContinue reading “Socialite Gone Greek – Ep. 4”

The Red Duchess – Ep.3 Play in new window | DownloadLily de Gramont survived a terrible marriage to write books, nearly have a political career, and become a bigamist by marrying Natalie Barney. Sources (Used/Consulted/Read Along the Way) Elisabeth de Gramont: Avant-gardiste by Francesco Rapazzini Wild Heart: A Life by Suzanne Rodriguez Romaine Brooks: A Life by Cassandra LangerContinue reading “The Red Duchess – Ep.3”

Thief of Souls – Ep. 2 Play in new window | DownloadRomaine Brooks is known for her painting, her nickname from Robert de Montesquiou, and as a lover of 50 years to Natalie Clifford Barney. “There are women whose black eyes sparkle with energy – they make me feel so irredeemably blonde!” – NCB Sources (Used/Consulted/Read Along the Way) RomaineContinue reading “Thief of Souls – Ep. 2”