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The Lulu to Dietrich’s Lola – Ep.37

Louise Brooks, wild child of Old Hollywood, is most remembered for her escapades and her performance in the film Pandora’s Box. However, she was always more of a dancer than an actress and never set out to join the nascent film industry despite numerous offers. Like many of her decisions, the left road into Hollywood…

Sapphic Center of Hollywood – Ep.36

Known for her Garden of Alla and her production of an all-gay Salome, Alla Nazimova was once the greatest of the early Hollywood actresses. She was heralded as the first modern actress in America and as the new Eleonora Duse – that Italian actress who was the rival of Sarah Bernhardt. And yet, I’d wager…

Blue Angel – Ep.35

Renowned around the world primarily for her legs and good looks, Marlene Dietrich was the other main diva of Old Hollywood and “rival” of last episode’s Greta Garbo. She performed shocking characters on screen, got kicked out an orchestra for her legs, dressed in tuxedos, signed letters as “Daddy Marlene”, and once had her trousers…

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