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Shakespeare Accomplice – Ep.40

You may have heard of her in connection to Sylvia Beach last episode. Yes, this time it’s Adrienne Monnier, the French bookstore owner across the street from Shakespeare and Company. We dive into the French side of the scene and the other side of the Beach-Monnier-Freund love triangle. Sources (Used/Consulted/Read Along the Way) The Very…

Godmother of Literary Paris – Ep.39

You’ve probably heard the name Sylvia Beach in sentences about Hemingway, Joyce, and other famous men. You’ve probably even heard of her in publishing Ulysses. You may not have heard of her blow up with Joyce over her publishing rights during a piracy scandal or of her relationship to fellow lending bookshop owner Adrienne Monnier.…

Wild Child of Old Hollywood – Ep.38

Tallulah Bankhead, with her sultry voice, magnetic charisma, and a penchant for living life on her own terms, defied conventions and left an indelible mark on entertainment history. From her electrifying performances on the Broadway stage to her unforgettable roles on the silver screen, Bankhead captivated audiences with her talent and numerous convention-defying antics. Sources…

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