Greatest Female War Correspondent Part Two – Ep.21 Play in new window | DownloadAfter finally ditching Hemingway and making it through World War II, Martha Gellhorn continued with her career through the Vietnam War and well in the 1990s. Sources (Used/Consulted/Read Along the Way) Gellhorn: A Twentieth-Century Life by Caroline Moorehead Yours, for probably always: Martha Gellhorn’s letters of Love & WarContinue reading “Greatest Female War Correspondent Part Two – Ep.21”

Greatest Female War Correspondent – Ep.20 Play in new window | DownloadKnown as the greatest female war correspondent of the 20th century, Martha Gellhorn’s reporting took her from the Great Depression, through the Spanish Civil War and World War II to the Vietnam War. Along the way, she covered other conflicts, wrote novels, and ended up married to Hemingway, whichContinue reading “Greatest Female War Correspondent – Ep.20”

Behind the Amazon – Ep.19 Play in new window | DownloadWhen it comes to women named Barney in the world of Paris Lesbos, the focus is usually Natalie Barney. However, her mother and sister had their own adventures and scandals from British explorers to nude statues in DC. Sources (Used/Consulted/Read Along the Way) Wild Heart: A Life by SuzanneContinue reading “Behind the Amazon – Ep.19”

A Real Life Carmen – Ep.18 Play in new window | DownloadCaroline Otero was renowned for dancing and seducing kings as one of the three top courtesans of La Belle Époque France. Her dancing career took her all over Europe and briefly into the opera Carmen. However, she also bet her own ass at the gambling tables of Monte CarloContinue reading “A Real Life Carmen – Ep.18”

The Rabbit Tamer – Ep.17 Play in new window | DownloadÉmilienne d’Alençon is what one co-host likes to call the forgotten member of Les Grandes Trois of Belle Époque France. She is also the reason for the rabbits down this rabbit hole. Sources (Used/Consulted/Read Along the Way) Émilienne d’Alençon: Vivre d’amour en 1900 by Carole Wrona Trois Grâces deContinue reading “The Rabbit Tamer – Ep.17”

Real Life Nana – Ep. 16 Play in new window | DownloadAs Pixie calls her, Liane de Pougy’s fairy godmother of courtesanship started in the gutters of Paris and rose to the level of calling on the Emperor of France. Valtesse is even said to be the real life inspiration for Zola’s Nana. Not that she would ever be amusedContinue reading “Real Life Nana – Ep. 16”

Off and On Broadway – Ep.14 Play in new window | Download Bringing plays off Broadway, Eva Le Gallienne performed many of the same roles as Maude Adams and Sarah Bernhardt, but her life wasn’t as smooth. From lesbian divorce scandal to chronic unemployment, Le Gallienne played from stage to Hollywood. Sources (Used/Consulted/Read Along the Way) Shattered Applause: The LivesContinue reading “Off and On Broadway – Ep.14”

Grande Dame of the French Theater – Ep.12 Play in new window | Download Sarah Bernhardt was the premier actress of the French Theater during her lifetime, a lifetime that saw such antics as sleeping in coffins and liaisons with princes. There is a reason newspapers felt comfortable saying she had four children by four men, including a condemned murderer and theContinue reading “Grande Dame of the French Theater – Ep.12”